To those who have an existing Ragnarok Game (private server ragnarok is an advantage), you must do the ff:
~Create a copy of your current Ragnarok Folder and rename it as RO Manila.
~Delete the data folder of your RO Manila Ragnarok Folder. (the new copied Ragnarok)
~Download and Install "RoManilaPatchV4.1.exe".
~Install it in your RO Manila Folder.
~Open your RO Folder and Run the RO Manila Patcher.
~Start the game.


To those who doesn't have a complete Ragnarok game or who needs to have one, you need to:
~Download the kRO complete package.
~Then download the RO Manila Lite Patcher.
~Install it in your new RO Folder.
~Run the patcher.
~Start the game.


Date Modified : 09-30-13